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Year Of The Tiger

It’s the year of the tiger; anything can happen.

Year Of The Tiger

The Year of the Tiger is a Manhattan novel with occasional excursions to India. It is about identity and work, unexpected love, and finding your own place.

New York in the 1990s is rich, unmolested, full of hubris and joy. Zara Hussain—young, successful Wall Street trader—lives in the East Village with her twin Kabir, a free spirit and musician, and their older sister Salma, a scientist who is looking for an acceptable husband. The story begins with a crisis in Immigration at JFK airport, and ends with a meeting in Amsterdam. As the year progresses, Zara is involved in a snowballing financial scandal; Kabir is faced with the unfamiliar joys of responsibility; and Salma has found a possible and dangerous love. Along the way we meet a motley bunch—family friend Sam, obsessed with tigers; Benny, a mentally ill man in desperate search of beauty; Rick, who wants to sail the seven seas; and the moon as it makes sudden appearances.

The novel takes place in the heady beginning of the century, before 9/11, and it represents Wall Street during its mad moment of excess and glitter.

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Year Of The Tiger reviews

“…in Abdulali’s lively, unpretentious, humorous prose, the city comes alive...” Elle

“In Year of the Tiger, Abdulali brings to life the rich, vibrant landscape of New York before 9/11.” Financial Chronicle

“…a moving account of work and identity told in a refreshing manner.” New Woman

“…you will find yourself carried along on a sweet, engaging story, told in vivid imagery, with scenes so written that they will linger in your mind for long. The Jungle will ensnare you with its overblown beauty.” The Financial Express

“This one is exquisitely crafted, light to read…” Good Housekeeping

"This elegant, surprising and often hilarious novel follows the lives of three siblings - Zara, Kabir and Salma Hussain as they navigate work, love and life in New York in the late nineties…What sets apart Year of the Tiger from many other books is Ms Abdulali’s ability as a wonderful storyteller. The book is peopled with fantastic characters who are at once quirky, charming and completely believable...But the main character in Year of the Tiger is the city of New York (more specifically Manhattan). Ms Abdulali, a resident of Manhattan for the past decade, clearly adores her adopted home and her vivid descriptions are an ode to this vibrant city. Run out and get a copy, you won’t be disappointed." Femina

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