Sohaila Ink
Public Speaking

From the time she was ten and her father made Sohaila and her younger brother give a talk at an orchid show, she has enjoyed public speaking. When she was at the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, she was a trainer and lecturer, and she went to schools, hospitals, clubs, and many other institutions to talk about sexual assault, its prevention and aftermath. When she worked for Oxfam, she held press conferences to talk about Oxfam's work and issues such as poverty and injustice. She has been on television in the US and India, and on BBC Radio worldwide. When her novel, The Madwoman of Jogare, was published, she gave readings in India and the US, and was invited as a guest speaker to several universities around the US.

She is hoping to have more opportunities for public speaking when her new book, Bye Bye Mati:  A Memoir in a Monsoon Landscape is published. If you are interested in a reading or a discussion, please email .
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