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A Jungle Adventure

Kairi and her little brother Moong live in the forest, surrounded by tigers, birds and trees. When outsiders come to try and “save” the forest and threaten to destroy their home and village, RangBibi and Langra come along and help them to compromise with the forest officers so they can stay in their home and help look after the animals.

RangBibi and Langra: A Jungle Adventure

A Desert Adventure

Taman lives in a remote corner of the desert, where there is endless sand and an enchanted well with blue water. His mother is expecting a baby and they need a doctor, but there are no roads nearby. RangBibi and Langra use their magic carpet and Taman finds help for his mother.

RangBibi and Langra: A Desert Adventure

A Basti Adventure

Safia lives in a slum and has a happy life, except that her uncle is abusive and there are bad people around who want to stir up communal trouble. RangBibi and Langra use their magic to help Safia and her friends face down their problems, and go back to being at peace.

RangBibi and Langra: A Basti Adventure

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