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Madwoman of Jogare Comments and Reviews

Abdulali's language is like the River Kallai in the book — it takes the tale forward smoothly, rapidly and with no breaks. Whether it is the local dialect, the urban twang, or the full-of-flourish language of Colonial India. Like a lot of urban Indians, Abdulali thinks in English. But remembers her history. ---- The Express Magazine

So there you are:  One more writer joins the world of Amitav Ghosh, Gita Mehta and Vikram Chandra. ---- The Sunday Times of India 

This is a book where good cheer lies impatiently just under the veil of words, often breaking through in an unabashed fashion. It is also a book primarily about land — the nurturing and loving of it, the heart-breaking abuse of it…Read the book, put it down and go outside. Look at the land about you in a different way. ---- Femina

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