Sohaila Ink
Freelance Editing

International Agencies

AIDS-Free World – Sohaila was the Director of Communications for the international advocacy organization for two years. She researched, wrote, ghost-wrote and edited substantive articles and essays for publication on the organization’s website, by major international news outlets and professional journals; researched, wrote, ghost-wrote and edited leaflets, press releases, reports, and other informational, advocacy and outreach materials; solicited staff contributions to the AIDS-Free World website; and worked with multiple contractors to create a new website. She initiated a major project, PlanetAIDS, which involved hiring staff and consultants and a year’s worth of intensive research and writing on the AIDS pandemic. She had her own column, “Speaking Up.” Her writing covered, among other topics, the United Nations’ response to sexual violence in conflict and HIV; homophobia in the Caribbean; political leadership in southern Africa; advances in prevention and treatment; criminalization of sex work, drug use and HIV transmission; the connections between injustice and AIDS. Some samples of AIDS-Free World writing.

CREA and Breakthrough. These are two international activist organizations for which she edited an anthology on women's health activism and human rights.

OffRamp Films. She assisted in researching and writing a brochure and annual report for The Micronutrient Initiative.

The United Nations. For UNICEF, she substantively edited several documents, including a comprehensive report on health system reform in several African countries. She created booklets on women and children's human rights. For Swedish Save The Children, she wrote a brochure on international women and children's rights treaties. For UNFPA, she analyzed financial data from the organization's funding records for a ten-year period to discern changes and trends in funding patterns.
United Nations editing

London School of Tropical Hygiene. She surveyed and evaluated innovative women's reproductive health projects in southern India.

Oxfam-UK/I, Ahmedabad and Delhi, India. She conducted evaluations and wrote case studies of Oxfam-supported projects. The projects included drought control, women's health, micro-credit and disaster control. She wrote a large research report on foreign aid in India. She wrote articles for development journals and the popular press.

Finance and Business

Sohaila edited, proofread and made press-ready an eleven-chapter anthology on hedge funds for the 5,000-member professional organization, IMCA – Investment Management Consultants Association.

She also ghostwrote a couple of articles for Hedge Fund Magazine.

Computers and Health

Pogue Press/O'Reilly. Sohaila copy edits and proofreads software manuals in the Missing Manuals series. Her credits include books on FileMaker, QuickBooks, Quicken, iPod & iTunes, and others.

Faulkner & Gray. Sohaila edited, proofed and made press-ready the book, 1999 Guide to Intranets in Health Care, by coordinating with authors and production crew.

Harvard Medical School. She was a sleep disorders research associate. She worked in a psychiatric hospital assisting sleep studies as a technologist, analyst and researcher. She assisted in clinical and research studies. She co-authored several studies in Sleep and other professional journals.

Faulkner and Gray
Sohaila proofreads software manuals for the Missing Manuals series published by Pogue Press/O'Reilly.

She proofreads maps for Fodor's travel guides.

Sohaila was a professional proofreader for two years at Direct Partners, a New York advertising agency that was a subsidiary of Forti Communications, Inc. She proofread everything that went through the agency, whose clients included major pharmaceutical companies, high-end autos and public service campaigns.

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