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RangBibi and Langra

This project was funded by the Ford Foundation's office for Women and Reproductive Health. It involved researching, writing, illustrating, designing, producing and distributing three books for children and neo-literate adults.

The books touch on issues such as tribal displacement, sexual abuse and access to health care. They involve an old woman, RangBibi, and a crippled monkey named Langra. The books are set in the desert, the forest and an urban slum. Each book involves a child or children in a crisis, and the stories show the children solving their problems with RangBibi's magical help.

These books are available in English, Hindi, Marathi and Tamil. They were widely distributed to rural health and education groups, as well as in urban bookshops. They have been very popular and Sohaila and Shachi Kale, the illustrator, hope to do at least two more.

High resolution excerpts from The RangBibi and Langra series

Please email if you are interested in more information about these books, or if you wish to purchase them.

Shachi Kale can be reached at

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